Accord is one of the fastest growing generic companies in the world. Since the beginnings of its commercial activities in August 2008, it has delivered more than 150 million of medication packaging in the entire European Economic Area.


Company GSK is present in more than 115 countries and it belongs to the biggest pharmaceutical companies oriented on the research and development that covers one fourth of global vaccination demand.


The biggest Polish medication producer and the leader of Polish pharmaceutical market - company Polpharma – belongs to top 20 producers of generic medication in the world with revenue $1 billion a year. Portfolio of Polpharma group consists of around 600 products.


Galenicum is a growing company whose objective has not changed from the day one: it combines healthy growing business with strong social determination to improve health and lives of people.


Moleac brings together world's best scientists in molecular biology, pharmacology and traditional medicine that carry out our research and development.


Genepharm is a private pharmaceutical company researching, developing, producing, marketing and distributing premium range of generic pharmaceutical products. It sells directly on the market with its own brand.